‘Dear health-care worker’: Letters pour in for COVID-19 front-line workers

By | April 20, 2020

“Dear health-care worker …”

Letters, videos and photos from Manitobans expressing their appreciation for our pandemic front-line workers all started that way.

The reason why it all started is simple: CBC Information Radio host Marcy Markusa sat down one day and wrote a letter of gratitude to Manitoba’s health-care workers.

She then asked Manitobans to do the same. They did.

“I wish that I could inspire all of you the way that you inspire all of us,” wrote Karisa Ferris.

“Having health-care workers in our family, we thought this would be a nice thing, albeit small, that we could do!” wrote Colleen Hailey.

And then …

“Let me say that you are amazing people to the community.”

“I am thankful to the people who have saved lives. Let that sink in.”

School kids, seniors and everyone in between chimed in.

All of the messages were combined into a video produced by CBC Manitoba, which will find its way to the health-care workers themselves.

WATCH | Letters of thanks from grateful Manitobans:

Watch this video compilation of thanks, to health-care workers, from grateful Manitobans. 1:22

But it’s not too late to add more.

If you want to try writing your own letter, keep it to one page, read it in a simple video and email the video and a pic to manitobagrateful@cbc.ca with “Dear health-care worker” in the subject line.  

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