Deadly year on Manitoba roads prompts RCMP to issue warning to drivers

By | May 22, 2020

WINNIPEG — As roads and highways begin filling up with traffic, Manitoba RCMP is reminding drivers to take precautions whenever they get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

RCMP said on Friday that, so far in 2020, 28 Manitobans have lost their lives in motor vehicle collisions.

“It’s a relatively high number compared to our five year average of 18 for this same period of time,” said Staff Sgt. Kyle McFadyen with Manitoba RCMP.

McFadyen, who is also Enforcement Commander for Traffic Services in Manitoba, said there are multiple reasons for the collisions.

“What is consistent with other years is, the cause of a lot of these collisions is, unfortunately, largely attributed to speed, impaired driving, distracted driving, all those things continue to be a problem,” he said. “A number of issues can fluctuate that number, like road conditions, however in a number of cases, roads were not a factor, they were relatively good.”

With summer arriving soon, RCMP said drivers need to be aware at all times while hitting the road.

“We are seeing more traffic on the road, so we want to remind people that they’ve got to pay attention, they’ve got to drive sober, and let’s take steps to make sure people get where they need to go safely,” McFadyen said.

In addition to driving sober, wearing your seat belt, and avoiding distractions, McFadyen said drivers should ensure they’re keeping a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you.

“Anytime you’re tailgating, you are decreasing your reaction time in the event something happens,” he said.

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