City reminding Winnipeggers how to deal with heat

By | June 29, 2020

WINNIPEG — As hot temperatures continue, the city is reminding Winnipeggers to take steps to prevent illness brought on by the heat.

The tips include drinking plenty of water, wearing loose, light clothing, limiting alcohol, staying in cool areas, and staying out of the sun.

As of Monday evening, Environment Canada has a heat warning in place for Winnipeg.

Jay Shaw, who is the assistant chief of emergency management with the city says people need to understand the risks.

“You could be affected by heatstroke, heat cramps, heat exhaustion,” said Shaw.

He also said people should slow down and take several breaks.

The city said everyone is at risk of the effects of heat, but older adults and those who have chronic illnesses are at particularly high risk, especially if they live in an urban area or don’t have air conditioning.

“Check on your neighbours, check on those who might be vulnerable,” said Shaw. “Make sure they are okay.”

If people need to cool down, Shaw said Winnipeggers should take a cold bath or put a cold cloth on their neck.

Shaw said if possible, people should try to avoid the heat during the peak hours of the day.

He added people should also check on their pets.

“Even in this type of climate, you want to take care of your pets. Short walks, lots of cold water, make sure you keep an eye on them. If it’s too hot for you it’s too hot for your pets.”

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