Changes to driver’s licences, youth in care and student aid part of temporary Manitoba orders

By | April 28, 2020

WINNIPEG — The Province of Manitoba is implementing four new temporary orders under the Emergency Measures Act. The orders include changes to driver’s licences, child family services and student aid.

The province announced on Tuesday it will be implementing the new temporary measures, all of which will be retroactive to the beginning of the state of emergency on March 20.

The first of the orders is a change to driver’s licences. Under the new order, the regular three-month deadline has been extended for new residents and non-residents of Manitoba to replace their driver’s licence with a Manitoba licence, vehicle registration or insurance. The deadline is extended to July 31, or three months after they enter Manitoba, whichever time period is longer.

The second order is a change to youth in care. Under the Youth in Care Provisions Order, anyone in the CFS system who turns 18-years-old must continue to be offered ongoing supports. The province said this extension also applies to young adults who have signed a voluntary agreement to keep receiving assistance as they become independent. This would allow them to remain eligible after they turn 21.

The third order will allow students to stay eligible for aid during the state of emergency, even if they have temporarily stopped qualifying. The province said the minimum monthly repayment has been lowered to $0 from $25, and the obligation to start paying back loans eight months after students have finished their studies has been suspended.

The province said this provision will keep students from defaulting during the state of emergency and extends the maximum term for repayment. Those with existing loans are not obligated to pay it back for six months beginning March 30.

The province will not fine licensed carriers if they are unable to display credentials under the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA).

The province said it is extending the expiry dates on certain permits, certificates or registrations until July 31 under the Trucking and Transportation Provisions Order. It added that this includes vehicles registered under the International Registration Plan (IRP), the vehicle registration system for trucks and buses operating inter-jurisdictionally between Manitoba and other provinces or states throughout North America. The deadline to pay IRP registration has also been extended.

The province said the order also extends the period between required inspections on vehicles including buses and commercial carriers. It extends annual overweight or over-dimensional vehicle permits, and extends safety fitness certificates for commercial carriers.

The province said it will also provide a temporary exemption for single-trip permits for increased vehicle weights and for commercial vehicles from other jurisdictions. 

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