Casino shutdowns cut Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries payroll costs by millions

By | May 30, 2020

A major workforce reduction at Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries is saving the Crown corporation millions in payroll expenses, with casino operations paused until at least late June.

MLL president and chief executive officer Manny Atwal said it has cut $1.3 million in expenses per pay period through the temporary layoff of 1,300 employees.

During a meeting of the standing committee on Crown corporations, held Thursday at the Manitoba legislature, Atwal told MLAs the layoffs amounted to roughly 40 per cent of MLL workforce. The Crown corporation redeployed 136 casino staff to other areas, including liquor distribution and home delivery services.

He said MLL explored a number of options, including worksharing and reduced work weeks, instead of layoffs.

“We’re presented with a couple of challenges to that, first and foremost, we have two business units that have zero work,” Atwal said.

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