Annual Manitoba Brain Tumour walk is off the street and hitting the web

By | May 7, 2020

WINNIPEG — The Manitoba Brain Tumour Walk will not be taking place at Assiniboine Park due to COVID-19, but it will be taking place online.

Pam Gordon, co-chair of the walk told CTV News that all the provinces across Canada will be participating at the same time. 

“This will mean before you walk, bike, use the treadmill, dance etc. you can tune into your social media platform and check in with the whole country which is incredible,” Gordon said.

In an email to CTV News, Gordon said so many things changed quickly to get the virtual walk ready to go.

“This has been a huge learning curve and so many things had to be changed,” said Gordon.

The virtual walk will take place June 27. She said the number 27 holds a deep meaning.

“Every day in our country 27 people will hear the words you have a brain tumour,” said Gordon, adding the month of May is also Brain Tumour Awareness Month. 

For her and her family supporting the walk and the Brain Tumour Foundation hits close to home. A scan of her husband’s brain showed a tumour.

“A visit to the doctor, followed by a CT scan confirmed that this was more than the suspected sinus infection,” said Gordon. 

While it was non-cancerous she said the treatment has made it impossible for him to return to work. He had been an automotive teacher at Dakota Collegiate for over 25 years she said. 

“The work of the Brain Tumour Foundation, including their support group, has been a great source of support for him and our family,” said Gordon. Adding he is now the Virtual Support Group Facilitator.

“By giving back and helping others that are newly diagnosed by co-chairing a support group online every two weeks he is supporting so many brain tumour patients like himself,” she said. 

More information about Brain Tumour Awareness month can be found online.

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