After Meth: Former addict Dane Bourget shares his personal path to recovery

By | October 29, 2020

Dane Bourget has been to hell and back. 

Meth took him there. 

“Very quickly, [meth] took over my life,” Bourget said.

“It went from trying it once or twice to being an all day, every day user within a few weeks.” 

Dane’s descent into meth addiction and his ascent into recovery is the subject of the new short film After Meth.

The four-minute long film, the first in a series of three meth recovery stories, was produced by Winnipeg filmmakers Tyler Funk and Carmen Ponto for CBC’s Creator Network, which works with emerging storytellers — including filmmakers, writers, artists, photographers, illustrators and animators — to tell stories through their own lens.

In After Meth, Winnipeggers who are now sober share personal and hopeful accounts of escaping meth addiction. (CBC)

Like Bourget’s story, the other short films feature personal and hopeful accounts of escaping the desperate grip of meth addiction, from two Winnipeggers who are now sober. They will be released in the coming weeks by CBC Manitoba. 

After more than a decade of drug use, Bourget found a path out of meth addiction. He has been sober since Aug. 12, 2014, and subsequently founded the peer-support group Jib Stop.

Bourget’s path to addiction started early. He was smoking marijuana and using ketamine by age 13. By 2002, he began using meth, and his life quickly deteriorated.

At his worst, Bourget abandoned his two children and disappeared for several months. He has since repaired his relationship with his kids. 

“I’ve worked hard and have built a good life for my children and myself.” 

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