57 city properties may be at risk of spring flooding, could require dikes

By | April 1, 2020

The City of Winnipeg is preparing for the possibility of spring flooding and says it has identified 57 properties that may be at risk and require dikes.

The Red River at James Avenue was 11.77 feet above normal winter ice levels on Wednesday afternoon. Predicted peak water levels at the downtown site are 19 to 20.5 feet, depending on weather conditions.

During the 2009 Red River flood, the water crested in Winnipeg at 22.5 feet, the second-highest peak since the Red River Floodway was completed in 1968. In 2017, it crested at 19.5 feet.

City officials said notices have been hand-delivered to affected property owners and survey crews will visit the properties in the coming days to mark the location and elevation of the sandbag dikes that potentially will be required.

Crews started making about 24,000 sandbags a day this week while following physical distancing recommendations to avoid the spread of COVID-19, said a news release sent by the city Wednesday.

Prepare for basement flooding: city

Property owners should be mindful that basement, overland and snow melt flooding also could happen. Sandbags are available for pickup at the following locations between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.:

  • 1220 Pacific Ave.
  • 1539 Waverley St.
  • 960 Thomas Ave.

Property owners should have a sewer line backup valve and sump pit with a pump in their basements to protect them from flooding, the city said.

Downspouts should be directed away from the basement walls and the earth should be built up around houses.

It is illegal to drain sump pump water into the basement floor drain or any other part of a house’s plumbing system. Doing so can overwhelm the sewer system, placing basements at risk of flooding and damage.

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