2 Winnipeg restaurants given $2,542 fines for defying health orders

By | May 28, 2020

A pair of Winnipeg restaurants have been dinged with $2,542 fines for failing to comply with provincial health orders around the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Pony Corral on Pembina Highway, south of Chevrier Boulevard, and the Arabesque Hookah Cafe and Restaurant on Corydon Avenue near Hugo Street, were both ticketed on Wednesday, according to a Manitoba health protection report.

The report doesn’t detail exactly how the restaurants violated health orders, but does say they failed to comply with orders instituted on May 4.

That’s when Phase 1 of the province’s reopening strategy began, which allowed restaurants to reopen patio services.

Under the rules, restaurants have to ensure people on patios are seated at least two metres apart, and that thorough cleaning is done every time a customer leaves — including cleaning tables, chairs, condiment containers and any other shared items like menus and napkin dispensers.

Dining rooms were required to remain closed under the health order.

The Pony Corral on Pembina Highway was also fined $2,542. (Google Street View)

On Monday, Chief Provincial Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin was asked about his concerns over hookah cafés, where the water pipes are used to smoke sweetened and flavoured tobacco. The cafés are usually social settings, with several people sharing the pipe and sometimes the same mouthpiece.

“We don’t have that mentioned specifically in the [public health] order, but sharing of such things like that right now, during the pandemic, would not be public health advice.”

Neither restaurant has responded to an interview request from CBC News.

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