2 people arrested near Stonewall, Man., in connection to stolen vehicle: RCMP

By | August 25, 2020

A large police scene took place near Stonewall, Man., Tuesday, as officers tried arresting a man believed to be armed, in connection to a stolen vehicle.

Stonewall RCMP and members of the Emergency Response Team showed up to a property just east of Stonewall on Highway 7, just north of Highway 67, some time Tuesday afternoon to arrest a man after a stolen vehicle was found, an RCMP spokesperson told CBC News.

The man, 26, was believed to be armed, the spokesperson said.

Emergency crews were also on scene of the arrests east of Stonewall Tuesday. (Darin Morash/CBC)

The situation was resolved peacefully, though, the spokesperson said, and two people are now in custody: the 26-year-old and a female.

Police do not know the age of the female.

The Town of Stonewall is located just over 30 kilometres northwest of Winnipeg.

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